By Lisa in Florida (left), and Carol in England
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Unsolicited Testimonials

These testimonials were copied from e-mails sent by my readers, with typos, spelling, and spacing the only changes I made. The shades displayed below, and around this site, were created by Shadecrafters Club members, several are first-time projects, and all are excellent examples of what you, too, can quickly learn how to do, and do just this well. Hover over each photo for who made the shade and where they live.
Lisa's First Lampshade

I read the book this weekend. You truly have a gift for writing. Not only is your attention to detail amazing, but you have a clear and concise, yet informal style that is refreshing and not at all boring (which many "how-to" manuals are). Thanks so much for writing such a fabulous manual  .   .   .  Lisa -   Letter #1

I finally have completed a lampshade. I decided my first shade would be for an oriental lamp in my husband's den. I spent a lot of time choosing the shape, and then spent an equal amount of time choosing the fabric. I am so glad I took your advice and purchased each item only after completing prior tasks.

By Lisa in Florida
I received Letter #2, two months after Letter #1. If you're thinking that Lisa must have had a lot of spare time on her hands, she was simultaneously an attorney, with three kids were under age eight. It took her about two weeks, but she did all the beadwork, too. She also made the bead tassels on her second shade, at the left side of the banner.
The frame is petal shaped. The lining is a bronze/gold silk, and the cover is a gold oriental brocade with orange/gold oriental dragons. The frame has 2 round panels, and for those I used the same gold silk I had used for the lining. I embroidered Chinese dragons on the gold silk using seed beads.

My trim is a deep bronze (almost brown), and I'm now stringing glass beads for the trim. I am thrilled beyond words with how my shade has turned out. Of course, I made some mistakes, but nothing anyone else would notice. The shade is really ornate, elegant, and sparkly, which is the effect I wanted.

I am so impressed with your book. It's amazing how clear the instructions were, even for someone like me who has NEVER sewn before. The lady who owns the bead store I use has asked for your web site so she can download your book and start her own lampshade. Thanks for turning me on to such a great hobby -- although I think my husband liked it better when my hobby was cooking  .   .   .  Lisa -   Letter #2

Your book is fabulous!!! The illustrations are superb, it is well written and organized and you have a great sense of humor. It is exactly what I need to study to make a beautifully crafted lampshade. What a delight to find you and your book .   .   .  Barbara
I have read a lot of instructions in my day, but yours are the BEST. Never before have they made me laugh. I would have written sooner to tell you this, but I spent the whole day reading the pages as they came out of the printer!!! Your instructions for saving and storing were great too. Thank you so much for such an entertaining Sunday afternoon. Your thoughtful instructions, your joy of the project, really came through .   .   .  Joan

I try not to get very far away from your book for Lampshade Crafting, it has helped tremendously! You have quite a flair for expressing the joys and exasperations of a lampshade maker! You did a superb job -- as thorough as anything I've seen .   .   .  Hannah
By Hannah in Washington
Every vintage lamp deserves to be wearing such a perfectly appropriate and wonderful lampshade. This beautifully matched pair would go nicely with many decors.
Rushed Home today and found your e-mail with your handbook attached. I have been on pins and needles for two days since I mailed off my money order. Never thought I would get your book and instructions so fast. Also your downloading and printing instructions were so detailed it made this task so easy. The computer is scary to me and I was a little intimidated about how was I going to get the handbook on paper, but I had no trouble at all. Thanks a million for thinking of us non-computer gurus .   .   .  Sonya
By Sally in Michigan This is unarguably an art form, with built-in lighting, and many techniques and embellishments that can be applied. And it gives lamp crafters total control over the look (and cost) of their shades. See another of Sally's amazing painted creations on the Tour.
Many thanks for making your "Lampshade Crafter's Handbook" available through the internet. Your presentation regarding our world of lampshades was as enjoyable as your thorough explanation of the require-ments for this yet undiscovered art form.

I particularly was impressed with the downloading of the book making it possible for me to have immediate knowledge of the subject instead of having to wait for a book to arrive.

I am an artist and found the possibilities endless and your instructions so thorough that I feel confident in approaching the job at hand of making my own shades to apply my art work to .   .   .  Sally

Your directions are very clear and concise and fun, and I'm anxious to start the lampshade making process. I rent space in an antique mall, and currently have 5 lamps without shades. I've searched the stores for appropriate shades, but nothing is quite right or way too expensive. I'm really thankful I found your web site .   .   .  Susan
I recently signed up for the "Lampshade Crafters Handbook", and I am very pleased and impressed with the thoroughness of it and the emphasis on quality work .   .   . Eric

I really liked your book, I looked around locally at bookstores and found very little and what I found was not very detailed .   .   .  Joyce

I just wanted to thank you for writing this e-book. It's my first, and I want to tell you how informative I think it is. It's very easy to read and the pictures are so helpful .   .   .  Michele
By Michelle in New Jersey
Michelle already ran her own soft furnishings workshop when she learned this in-demand skill, allowing the decorators and designers she works for to offer custom-made shades to their clients. How to make the ruched trims on this unique and elegant lampshade is available on the club site.
By Carol in England Carol's spectacular first lampshade. Imagine all the possibilities of what could be used to cover these panels.
I just wanted to compliment you on your lampshade book. I am interested in making and selling creative lampshades and have searched and searched for a great instruction book. Your book has been really informative and fun to read .   .   .  April

I thought you might like to see the results of my first efforts. I'm quite pleased with myself, and as you said it was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I have also found the club very useful and the members have been a great help. Now of course I have the bug!! .   .   .  Carol
Finally! Comprehensive, well written, clear instructions on making soft lampshades. I've been everywhere, bookstores, WWW, Yellow Pages, lampshade stores. No one would or could teach me, or knew who could. Your witty style makes me feel I know you, that you're right there with me giving me personal advice, saving me from pitfalls, encouraging me to begin in spite of my fear of failure. I marvel at the detail, your folksy style . . . heck, I just like reading your stuff. Each segment gives not only information specific to the project, but also other very useful information with whys and wherefores. It's kind of like reading the restoration/crafts version of "The Joy of Cooking" .   .   .  Marty

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