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Questions, Comments & Mailing List

If you've read FAQS and still have a question, or would like to make a comment, you can contact me via this form, e-mail me directly (maude(at), or give me a call (615-712-7929 9AM to 9PM CST). If you're not buying the book today, please sign up for my mailing list and take my little survey.

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My little survey
If everyone who visited this site learned how to make lampshades there would be a whole lot fewer shadeless and poorly dressed lamps in this world. Since this is not yet the case, it would be most helpful to me if you'd answer the following question, and then feel free share any suggestions you may have for how I could improve this site.

I'm not buying your book today because:
I still have doubts about my ability to do this.
I don't have time to read through the whole site today.
I'm considering it, and would like to be reminded of this in the future.
I'm only interested in making hardback shades.
Some other reason. (Please let me know what, below.)

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Questions and Comments Due to time constraints, I may not be able to respond to all comments, as well as some questions, such as those having to do with lamp-related issues, and my supply sources are available only to club members.

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