HGTV's Decorating With Style Project Instructions
Segment #342

Rust Removal

By Maude Gold Kiser

After and Before I did a segment on HGTV's Decorating With Style back in the 1990s about removing rust using a product being sold for another purpose at most hardware stores that most people don't realize also easily removes rust, often without ruining the paint hidden underneath. Most of this information is now included in my e-book, Maude's Lampshade Crafter's Handbook, (used for getting rust off recycled lamp shade frames), along with some how-tos on priming and painting metal (including frequently misunderstood application instructions for Rust-Oleum paints).

If you'd like to have this information, but aren't interested in making lampshades, perhaps you know someone who is that you could share a copy with. Please visit and then let me know if this is the case before you order.

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